Training Courses

Seagrave Inspection Services can run either courses at our local premises or we can bring the course to you anywhere in the uk!


Our Examiner can tailor fit the course to suit any number of delegates that you require.

Routine Level

The routine level course is a starter level inspection course which is most commonly used for daily/weekly inspection of play areas.

The routine level programme is a one day safety inspection course and consists of a practical exam where you will undertake a safety inspection on a local playground as well as a short key note presentation.


Operational Level

The operational level course is more advanced than the routine level course and is most commonly used for monthly/quarterly inspections of play areas.

The operational level programme is a 3 day safety inspection course which consists of a written examination and a practical examination at a local play area plus a couple of practice visits to different local play areas and a more in depth key note presentation than the routine level course.